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Staatsolie Power Company Suriname NV (SPCS)

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The Republic of Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. It has an estimated population of approximately 490,000, most of whom live on the country's north coast, where the capital Paramaribo is located.

The country has small reserves of fossil fuels, which are being recovered by the government-owned Staatsolie Maatschappij, Suriname NV (Staatsolie), which is also investing in further oil exploration. Currently, the company has one refinery with a capacity of approximately 7,500 barrels per day.

The Staatsolie Power Company started its operations in 2006 near the Staatsolie refinery as an independent power producer and wholly owned subsidiary of Staatsolie. At that time, two Cat® 16CM32 generator sets were installed, producing 14 MW of power. Running on heavy fuel oil, the combined heat and power (CHP) system provided power for the local grid and steam to operate the refinery.

From 2006 to 2010, the demand for electricity in Suriname grew by as much as 10 percent annually - much higher than the 3 to 7 percent averages for surrounding Caribbean countries.1 This increase in demand created the need for additional power generation capacity. In 2010, the Staatsolie Power Company was asked to double its power generation capability.


"Because of the great service we'd received from Caterpillar, and the reliability of the first two generator sets, we decided to install two more Cat 16CM32 generator sets to increase our output capacity," said M.C.H. Waaldijk, managing director of Staatsolie, and founder of Staatsolie Power Company Suriname NV.

With the addition of the two new generator sets, both operated on heavy fuel oil, the facility now has 28 MW of capacity. The CHP plant technology provides a clean, efficient and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Combined, the generator sets are meeting the thermal and electrical base loads of the facility. Power generated by the facility is sold to the national grid. The steam produced continues to be used for plant operations at the refinery.


Heavy fuel oil, co-generation generator sets were selected for this facility because they are a cost-effective means of producing energy. This allows the SPCS facility to operate efficiently, while at the same time supplementing the national demand for electricity at a reasonable price. "The engines meet our expectations with respect to maintenance costs, reliability and fuel consumption," said Mr. Waaldijk. "We are very pleased with the support that Caterpillar provides."

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The Staatsolie Power Company Suriname NV provides steam for the Staatsolie refinery, as well as electric power for residents in the Suriname countryside.


Staatsolie Power Company Suriname NV (SPCS)


Paramaribo, Suriname

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Efficient, reliable power co-generation for oil refinery, local grid


Four Cat ® 16CM32 generator sets

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In 2010, SPCS added two Cat 16CM32 generator sets, doubling the facility's power generation capabilities.