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Bramming Fjernvaereme

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Over the years, Bramming, Denmark's growth resulted in increased demand for heat, so Bramming turned to Caterpillar to deliver a power solution. The town was looking to upgrade the existing plant in an economic manner, and selected the Cat® G16CM34 natural gas engine due to its high output (6.1 MW at 750 rpm), and electrical efficiency of 43.4 percent.

The G16CM34 is the largest natural gas engine in the Caterpillar lineup. It is manufactured by Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG, in Kiel, Germany, and is the result of a joint development effort with Caterpillar Large Engine Center in Lafayette, Indiana, United States.


Caterpillar engineering services provided basic specifications for the project. Tjaereborg Industri, a Danish company dealing mainly within the district heating business covering engineering, production, contracting and operation, provided a comprehensive heat recovery solution, producing 6,766 kW of heat.

With just one engine, the high output of the G16CM34 accomplished Bramming's goals of fulfilling its current heating needs and providing extra capacity for future growth. This allowed Bramming to modify the existing plant without incurring significant cost.

Power plant operation was completely modified, yielding an additional heat and storage tank, which served to increase the heat capacity of the entire plant. Overall plant efficiency exceeded 92 percent, putting it on the top of the efficiency list for Danish district heating power plants.


The high total plant efficiency of 92 percent enabled Bramming to target the plant to run on weekends for maximum heat storage. Electricity produced by the plant is sold into the Danish national utility grid, helping reduce district heating costs. Caterpillar provides total solutions for your business. We have the equipment, services, knowledge and experience to help meet your power needs for medium-speed generator sets.

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The power plant in Bramming, Denmark, was modified to serve increasing heating demands with the addition of a single Cat® G16CM34 generator set.


Bramming Fjernvaereme


Bramming, Denmark

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Local power need


One Cat G16CM34 generator set

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Just one Cat® G16CM34 generator set fulfills Bramming, Denmark's, heating needs and provides extra capacity for future growth.