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Hydro projects are the primary source of electric power in the Fiji Islands. In times when rainfall is insufficient, power to the grid is supplied via backup power plants running on diesel fuel. The cost of generating electricity using older engines is higher than the cost of running a modern power plant.

To meet the increasing demand for electricity, the government of Fiji has been developing additional hydro projects, which has led to the need for additional backup generation. The existing backup power plant in Kinoya did not have the capacity, efficiency or reliability to accommodate the increase in generation that was required.

The government of Fiji decided to meet this need by installing a new power plant to strengthen backup capability to the power grid. The Kinoya plant's primary objective was to provide a flexible power source capable of delivering secure, reliable, efficient and low-cost electricity to meet current and projected demand.


Caterpillar provided a power solution that met and exceeded this project's criteria. The turnkey power plant consists of four Cat® 16CM32 generator sets, manufactured by Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG, in Kiel, Germany. The generator sets are equipped with state-of-the-art self-diagnostic management systems, providing proactive information to the maintenance staff. In addition, they can be remotely operated and monitored from the control room.

The Cat generator sets incorporate the best technology and fuel consumption in a long-life design that facilitates maintenance, resulting in lower plant operations costs. Caterpillar also provided comprehensive services, including project management, system design and engineering of the plant, construction, commissioning and supporting balance of the plant equipment.


The Kinoya plant is now capable of supplying approximately 26 percent of grid power at a higher level of efficiency and reliability than the existing backup plant. It is also capable of running on biofuels, meeting the renewable energy goals of the Fiji government. Caterpillar's global resources, which include a network of world-class dealers, manufacturers and suppliers, played a significant role in both the procurement of equipment and the construction of the facility, resulting in the plant being completed in only eight months.

The reliability, quality and efficiency of the 16CM32 generator sets along with due diligence, exceeded the government of Fiji's criteria for the turnkey power plant. Caterpillar provides total solutions for your business. We have the equipment, services, knowledge and experience to help meet your power needs for medium-speed generator sets.

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The government of Fiji decided to meet island power needs by installing a power plant to strengthen backup capability to the power grid.


Fiji Power Services


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Four Cat 16CM32 generator sets

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The Kinoya plant is powered by four Cat® 16CM32 generator sets with increased reliability and the ability to run on biofuels.