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Monte Rio Power Corporation

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Increasing demand for reliable electricity coupled with economic growth in the Dominican Republic prompted the development of the Monte Rio power project. The Monte Rio Power Corporation is a joint venture between Caterpillar Power Ventures International, Ltd. and the Paliza-Viyella Group.


This joint venture resulted in the construction of a 100 MW power plant consisting of 13 Cat® 9CM43 heavy-fuel oil fired, reciprocating diesel generator sets, manufactured by the Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG (MaK) facility in Rostock- Wamenmude, Germany.

These generator sets incorporate the design technology and exceptional fuel consumption of a Cat engine in a long-life design that facilitates maintenance, resulting in lower plant operating costs. The Monte Rio project is yet another demonstration of the innovation and economically viable global turnkey power solutions provided by Caterpillar.


Electricity produced by the Monte Rio power plant is sold to the Dominican Republic's electric power utility grid, providing power to more than 125,000 homes and businesses. In addition, Monte Rio may elect to sell a portion of its capacity and related electricity to distribution companies and large industrial users, creating a potential source of revenue. Most importantly, the plant provides reliable power, reducing the blackouts and burnouts in the region, significantly improving the quality of life in the southern part of the Dominican Republic.

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Due to increasing power demand in the Dominican Republic, Monte Rio Power Corporation entered a purchase agreement for a 100 MW power plant in Azua.


Monte Rio Power Corporation


Azua, Dominican Republic

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Local power need


Thirteen Cat 9CM43 generator sets

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The Monte Rio power plant is powered by 13 Cat® 9CM43 reciprocating diesel generator sets providing reliable power to more than 125,000 customers.