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Powering Your Needs

Caterpillar is a leading developer of highly efficient medium-speed engine power plants, with more than 4,500 MW installed worldwide. We can support power plant output capacities ranging from 2 to more than 200 MW and burn the fuels most accessible to you:

  • heavy fuel oil (HFO)
  • crude oil
  • natural gas
  • diesel
  • alternative fuels

Our world-class solutions offer efficiencies that can be improved even further with combined cycle solutions.

Select Your Power Range

Cat® medium-speed generator sets meet your power generation demands – large or small, urban or rural, simple or complex.

Benefits of Caterpillar Medium Speed Reciprocating Technology

When selecting a prime mover technology for your power plant, please consider the following features and benefits associated with medium speed reciprocating generator set technology:

  • Fuel flexibility – ability to operate on variety of fuels including HFO, crude oil, natural gas, diesel, biofuels
  • High efficiencies
  • Low de-rate at increasing temperatures and elevations
  • Low de-rate under partial load operation
  • Low water consumption due to closed loop cooling
  • Short time to start, synchronize and reach full load
  • Unlimited starts and stops at no additional cost


Caterpillar Power Plant Applications

You need a high-performing system, adaptable to any spatial constrictions and energy requirements. Cat power plants are easily scaled to fit your facility footprint. We provide systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs and environmental impact across multiple industries.

Base Load
Renewables Firming
Combined Heat
and Power (CHP)
Combined Cycle

Provides your community, city, state or country with the stable electricity upon which they rely to carry out their normal day-to-day activities without interruption.

Fuel Flexibility

Our equipment is engineered to run on fuels accessible and affordable for you.

Fuel Options

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Liquid fuels and renewables

When your power generation application requires liquid fuel operation on diesel, distillate fuel oil, crude oil or heavy fuel oil, we can deliver durable, world-class products, experience and the flexibility to support the selection, development, engineering, installation and maintenance of your oil-fueled power generation asset.

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Natural gas

Our medium-speed engine natural gas power plants are engineered to meet your specific application requirements, including power generation for peaking, CHP, spinning reserve, wind load-following, grid support, ancillary services and black start capabilities. We provide you with clean, efficient power, optimizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

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Our power plants can reliably operate on biofuels, including vegetable oils and animal fats. Through the use of these renewable fuels, you are able to lower emissions, reduce greenhouse gases, maximize fuel diversity and support your attainment of local, national and international renewable energy targets.